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Leadership in relation to change, programs, projects, processes and quality within the ICT.

Change plan
The developments in ICT follow each other quickly. For policy and operations this continuously delivers new challenges. Based on his broad IT knowledge and his skill as a coach Martin is able to give substance to these challenges.
The more stringent the hierarchy from above, the greater the chance of errors. Because hierarchy works with the assumption of "know better", therefore they miss the opportunity to learn from the insights of the workers who knew better, but who have learned to keep quiet.
                                                                        Arnold Cornelis
Both operational control as making clear policy is in good hands. Martins leadership style is stimulating and result oriented. Hereby his focus is on collaboration and cooperation.
Collaborate to achieve corporate and departmental objectives through optimal use of individual targets.
Cooperate to define a clear policy and implement it on the basis of a thorough change plan.
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