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Personal development never stops. It is an art to develop, steer, guide and stimulate within the context of personal and business interests.


After care

It is a fact that individuals and organizations continue to develop. The challenge is to control this development so that the individual or organization performs optimally in a changing environment. Whether this means a change in behavior or technology, a change in processes or a shift in end products, adjustements will always have to be made based on the mission and vision of your organization.
After a successful intervention led by Martin the gained knowledge and experience of your staff is not suddenly lost. Nevertheless, it is our experience that evaluations on a regular basis make a significant contribution to the motivation and development of these staff. An investment of one day a quarter for every staff member based on a well-prepared workshop is often sufficient to maintain continuity in the optimization process.

If desired Martin can also temporarily take care of the management of your organization or department to implement decisively the changes required.


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