PerIna BV


From mainframe to cloud services, from custom made to commercial-off-the-shelf,
from waterval to agile, from in company to completely outsourced,
from insourcing tot outsourcing, every situation needs a specific policy.

Based on our years of experience and tracking developments in both technical and process area, we are able to develop policies and implement them.

Custom made, COTS
IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
Insourcing, Outsourcing
Waterfall, Agile
KPIs, SLAs, contract
We set KPIs and SLAs that provide the basis for optimal collaboration within teams and departments. SLAs that promote long-term partnerships.

The ultimate goal is maximum support from the IT resources to achieve business goals. This with respect for the current situation and focused on the future.

We can support staff and users on this journey in a stimulating interactive way. So they feel not only involved, but also partly responsible for the objectives to be achieved and the road towards it.
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Evolving never stops. Certainly in ICT development is a must.

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