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Every improvement is initiated by a change.

Change you can learn
Critical thinking about your own thinking
Assess and evaluate
Theme Centred interaction

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Do you feel that your potential is not fully exploited?
Personal coaching
Is your organization more a collection of individuals than a team?
Do you feel that it can be more efficiently and more effective?

Based on the organizational or departmental objectives Martin can intervene to get the most out of your team. This can be done on process level, on team level, but also at the individual level. At the end of the intervention every employee knows what his added value in the business is. Your employees talk at events and parties with pride about their work and your company that makes this possible.
Organisation development

As a personal coach Martin can give you insights to effectively address your personal improvement. This happens in several sessions of 45 to a maximum of 90 minutes. The result is that you have a clear picture based on new insights gained of what you want to achieve and how. Tariffs and agreements for executive coaching are tailored at your request.
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